Inspiration & Training

Some of my thoughts and approach to training and life…

Your training doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be.

Train like the wind 'EFFORTLESS'.

I stop training when a job is done 'ALWAYS'.

Training and nutrition is profoundly linked.

Sure practice takes discipline and yet with practice you get discipline 'PRACTICE DAILY'.

Normal training can never be optimal training.

Cash can never buy lean pure muscles.

My life is my motivation.

I continue to approach my absolute best giving daily in a way most likely to secure the best outcome.

Retire from training "How can I?".

My body says DO, my heart says DO, my brain says DO, my soul says DO, my spirit says DO, SO I DO!

I'm not interested in power and profit, I'm interested to honour my body, to love and feel superb.

I was making a pact with my body and it goes; "I will look after you and return you will look after me".

Imagine it, believe it, feel it, DO IT!

I would rather be over trained and not eat enough than eat too much and under trained.

When my training pain says STOP I say GO!

My real training starts when I leave the Gym.

I never give myself 10 out of 10. Therefore I can always be better and improve.


I wanted to be more in GREAT SHAPE than my next breath.

I don't follow training rules, I MAKE THEM.

So you don't want to exercise, well that's too bad BECAUSE LIFE ITSELF IS AN EXERCISE.

I train, eat, sleep and s...t competition daily.

My training is not a sprint nor is it a marathon, it is a race for life.

My thirst of honouring my body will never run out.

My mission is to explore new ways to honour my body.

There are many things that are important. For me is TO LIVE the way I choose to live and not to be told.

Sometimes the simplest explanations are exactly what we need.

When your training regime lacks in improvements keep searching and you will find the answers.

When individuals ask for guidance I can only offer choices not guarantees.

My issue is not to stop my training early it is that I just can't stop, therefore I have to force myself to stop training.

The ability to make a difference is inside you. You don't need to look for it.

Find where you belong. We all belong to something.

What keeps me awake at night is my next workout in the morning.

My life is worth living and certainly worth inspiring.

When daily life gets you down, training is the answer.

The longer it took for me to get into shape the more I appreciated it.

There's a difference between the training is done and the training is done WELL.

Every day counts, every training counts, every set, every rep, everything you eat and drink counts.

Training good is not everything but making the training daily the absolute best you can IS.

I don't want to fit in, I run my own race and it worked out just fine.

What matters is your time what is given to you from nature, MAKE IT COUNT!

My profession is TRAINING DAILY at it's absolute best.

I will train my body till my dying day.

To say sorry is hard but it is 10 times harder if you really mean sorry.

There's a little voice in my head telling me GO FOR IT!

I make a promise and unbreakable bond with my body NEVER GIVE UP IN LIFE.

Your amazing body loves you ABSOLUTE AND UNCONDITIONALLY. Give a little bit of love back.

No matter how big your house is and how sleek your car maybe, all what you can take with you at the end of your life is looking forward for your next life.

I aim to be outstanding of my professional life.

Your body wants you to keep you alive at the most remarkable, efficient way. Surely in return you must give back.