Private Client Training

I conduct training sessions that are exciting and intense. My goal is to help you get results efficiently. To start with, I tailor a regimen to meet your needs - for it is by following a programme which is suited to your goals, and which respects your physical makeup, that:
  • you will obtain a leaner and stronger body, if you want to shed weight;
  • you will be able to surpass the body you had in your prime, if you want to get back into shape;
  • you will be able to move to the next level, breaking through plateaus in your workouts at the gym.
Should you wish to deepen your commitment to lifelong training, I shall in so many ways convey my passion for the venture, and seek to inspire by own example. At all events, this is a project I can serve by putting to use my 30 years of experience in fitness education.

I can, too, design an optimised plan for obtaining your best body ever in nine weeks: requiring a sound nutritional plan and workouts one hour a day, three times a week. Meanwhile, even in this short period of time, you are bound to enjoy increased energy and confidence, greater mental sharpness, better sleep, and a heightened sense of well-being.

When I say to prospective clients 'I simply deliver', I realise that my methods and streamlined approach are not for everybody. But I do know I am for some people.

Please contact me for my assessment of your individual needs.

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